Getting Started:

On Dashboard screen, click on ‘Add Widget’ button present in top right on the screen, Add widget Step 1 wizard will open. Select ‘API’ options from available widgets.

On Selecting ‘API’ widget option, user will redirect to Step 2 in wizard, here select ‘PUSH BUCKET API’ option

At Step 3, Widget configurations will be presented. From here, copy the API URL given for the widget. This URL will be used to push data from any external source to Vizdum.

Now click on Create button to add the widget on Dashboard.

Pushing data through external source to Vizdum:

Any REST API client can be used to push data to API Push widget. You can use Postman (Google Chrome extension) for this purpose as well as stated in this example below.

1. Create new API request in Postman.

2. Paste the API URL copied from the API Push bucket widget in Request URL field. Select the Request method as ‘POST’.

3. In Header tab, add header ‘Content-Type’ with value ‘application/json’.

4. In Body tab, add the data you want to push to your Push Bucket API widget in proper format. Use the sample data below for example:


    "data":  [


            "Date":  "20150810",

            "Sales":  "450",

            "Revenue":  "1200$"      



            "Date":  "20150811",

            "Sales":  "120",

            "Revenue":  "9900$"




5. Click ‘Send’ to submit the request from Postman with these configurations.

6. Now go to your Vizdum Dashboard, and check that the data in you pushed from the external source is displaying in Push Bucket API widget.


Similarly you can use the API URL provided with Push Bucket API widget with any external source and its data will automatically be updating on your Vizdum dashboard.

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to get in touch with us by creating a new support ticket or through phone at +1-224-484-9386.