In order for our team to install Vizdum for you, kindly ensure that you have the following processes in place. Given below is the list of pre-requisites you are required have in place at your end before we start Vizdum Team Installation:

  1. Root access to your Account

You are required have the root access to your account and to provide us with the same.

Note: Users with IAM Role are required to have proper instance creation at their end for the Team Installation to work.

  1. Set up a Web Amazon Account

Create an AWS account. Need help? Use the guidelines give at

            a. Have access to DynamoDB

                Amazon DynamoDB is a fast, flexible and fully managed NoSQL database service that supports both documents and key-value store models. More on how to get started with Amazon DynamoDB

            b. Have SQS Rights

                Learn more about how to create custom policies using Amazon SQS Access and how to get Amazon SQS permissions.

Once you have all these processes in place, please let us know so we can start Team Installation for you.